The Dirty Two-Dozen Drop the Ball on Immigration (Again)

The most striking takeaway from last week’s Democrat Presidential debate is that practically all the candidates have ceded the immigration reform debate entirely to the Republicans, and specifically President Trump. Not one of them chose to set themselves apart on this issue. Their fear of their own activist class, and perhaps the professional leftist moderators at MSNBC, while not unexpected, was and is naked and bald.

One by one, they have come out for open borders (with a show of hands, no less). Now, perhaps it can be guessed that some of them  really don’t believe in what average Americans would strictly name open borders, but none of them had the courage to come out for identifying the line they will not cross. What persons will these people not allow? Nine of the ten candidates at last Wednesday’s debate raised their hands in favor of “decriminalization” of the offense of crossing the American border without authorization. Interestingly, all Biden could muster was one finger in agreement, but it counts.

Incredibly, all ten of them also raised their hands in agreement with the following question from one of NBC’s resident savants, Savannah Guthrie: 

“This is a show of hands question and hold them up so people can see. Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.”

So, we are forced to conclude that the default position of the eventual Democrat presidential nominee is not merely “Medicare for All” –that is so 2018–but instead is “Medicare for All the World”. Does anyone not believe that the prospect of free healthcare at the expense of American tax paying citizens will not be an irresistible and overpowering draw for any foreign national without such largesse in his own, poorer country? To ask that question is, of course, to answer it. 

These aren’t the policy positions of serious people. 

One of these men or women is going to be the standard bearer for the Democrat Party. Positions so distant from the median view of citizens of this country are certainly going to make it difficult for the Democrat nominee. Look for President Trump to come back to this well as often as he can.

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