That Nation was Me.

There once was a nation founded by peoples not of common origin, but of common purpose. A country where one could live free, to find one’s own purpose and to enjoy the fruits of one’s labors. A nation where men and women could worship as they wish, to speak their minds, to protect their self, their family, and their property without permission from the state.

Since the dawn of man, civilization was only protected by the strength of the tribe, the village, the city, and finally the nation-state. All rights came from the power–real or imagined– of the government and its rulers. Man’s natural condition, throughout history’s long march of fallen kingdoms and failed tyrants, was beneath the boot of his masters.

This nation’s peoples rejected that and came together to form a government where the people rule.

This nations people held to the promise that all were equal in the protection and free exercise of their rights. That promise was often denied over the long course of its history, but the wisest among the people knew that every day of that denial was a day they fell short of the nation’s own ideals. Many died and many more suffered so the promise could be fulfilled.

The nation’s people fought in many bloody battles to protect their freedom and travelled to distant shores to aid countless screaming millions in their own struggles against tyranny.

The nation’s people created their own, distinct culture and traditions, based on the culmination of the proud march of Western Civilization, flavored by the contributions of the native lands of the brave and adventurous people who flocked to her shores.

Her people created new wonders, and new advances in all the sciences, at a pace never before seen in the history of the world.

Her people prospered and the nation became the most productive on Earth, giving thanks to their Creator for his many blessings.

…and that nation was me.

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