Miss Nancy’s Conundrum

You will all notice Miss Nancy hates impeachment talk. There is a reason for this. She is smarter than the average leftist Dem Congressman, she actually has to govern her caucus, and her most important job is to maintain her majority (that is how she keeps her job).

She is smart enough to know that if a serious impeachment inquiry were to be launched, against the backdrop of these never-ending investigations, she would not even get all the DEMOCRATS to vote for it, so say nothing of the fact it will all die in the Senate. How would you like to be a Dem Congressman running for re-election in a purple or light red district that Trump won in 2016, and narrowly went for you in 2018? Especially when the only substantive achievement you could point to was two years of investigations, all of which came to naught? There are around three dozen of those, enough to cost the Dems the House.

It’s easy for Dems, like those in the “Squad”, who come from deep-blue districts to mouth every day about “impeachment”. They will have those seats as long as they want them. Not so for the vast majority of the country; the median American voter has put this nonsense behind them. And not so for your median-district Dem Congressman.

Pelosi has already discovered what so many Speakers have before…one house of Congress is not very effective. The Democrat House caucus has been struggling for two years to justify the confidence a narrow slice of the electorate placed in it. Given the weak sauce testimony Mueller offered yesterday, it seems the left has ridden the proverbial ass of collusion/ obstruction as far as it will take them.

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